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Traverse City Condo Rentals, LLC

Servicing Guest of Peninsula Bay Resort Condominiums since 2006

Frequently Asked Questions




  • Does Traverse City Condo Rentals, LLC. offer other accommodations besides Peninsula Bay Resort Condominiums?

     No - We have tailored our business around Peninsula Bay Resort Condominiums since its beginning.  This has allowed us to become experts in all areas of the building. 


  • The make up of Peninsula Bay and it's residents - Exercising Common Courtesy

     Peninsula Bay is a mix of both renting guests and owners seeking to enjoy the complex.  It is our goal to see both parties fully enjoy their time at Peninsula Bay.  Remembering that not everyone you see at Peninsula Bay is a guest.  Many of our non-renting owners seek to enjoy time at Peninsula Bay during all seasons of the year.  We do not entertain large groups like wedding parties.  Peninsula Bay is just not the setting.     


  • How long or how short of a stay may I request at Peninsula Bay?

     Peninsula Bay rents Saturday to Friday in June, July, and August.  Inquire for lesser stays during the shoulder season.  We also rent monthly November - May.  None of our suites rent monthly - annually. 


  • There's no front desk in the lobby?  Who do I contact if I have an issue?

     You should contact Jason Hulet at (231) 922-2200.  This number will be active for you during your stay.  Note: Schmidt-Rogers Management is the association's "Association Manager."  They take care of the day to day issues with the building, pool, beach, parking lot, etc.  You may contact me to contact them with any "common  area" property issues. 


  • Use of the luggage carts in the lobby.

     Luggage carts were provided by our company shortly after Peninsula Bay was built.  They have been a welcomed tool for both owners and guests.  Please feel free to use them for, of course, luggage, but as well as groceries.  Please do not ride on them - they have no brakes and steering is non-existent!  We also ask that you please return them promptly to the lobby when your need is complete so that others may make immediate use of them as well.  There are 4 total luggage carts, while enough, all are required to be available in the lobby. 

  • Remember Travel Insurance

     Vacation insurance provides various degrees of protection to travelers. Insurance professionals and experienced travelers both understand how minor incidences can balloon into massive expenditures if an adequate policy is not in place. Taking the simple precaution of obtaining insurance before traveling can reduce the adverse effects of unforeseeable circumstances.




  • What is Peninsula Bay Resort Condominiums physical address?

       Peninsula Bay Resort Condominiums

       1941 N. US-31 North

       Traverse City, MI  49686


** Make sure you have both "Norths" included when inputting into your GPS device.  If you don't, you may find your GPS taking you across to the other side of town on: South US-31 North (This will be over my Meijer's and far from the water!)


  • How/Where do I return the Rental Agreement?

       You may mail them to us at:

        Traverse City Condo Rentals, LLC.

        P.O. Box 7045

        Traverse City, MI  49696


Or you may fax the Rental Agreement to: 866-675-0622

You may also scan and email to:


  • How and when may I check into my condo? 

       Check-in day in the summer months are on Saturdays after 1pm.  Simply following emailed check-in instructions provided when your balance was paid in full. 


  • When must I check out?

      Check out for summer rentals is at 12pm.  This helps ensure we have time to bring your condo back up to rental ready for that days arriving guests.  If you are staying during the shoulder season with no one checking-in on your departure day, I encourage you to check-out at your leisure.  Please do take out the trash when departing.  Thx!


  • What don't I need to bring? 

      We provide the following items for your use.  Laundry Detergent, Paper Towel, Garbage Bags, Liquid Dish Soap, Dishwasher Soap, and Toiletries.  We also provide Bath Towels.  All beds have linens and pillows. (If you have a favorite pillow, you may want to bring it!)  All Suites have stackable washer/dryers in the unit for your use  (If you are sensitive to scented laundry detergent, you will want to bing your own non-scented detergent with you)


  • What should I bring?

      You will want to bring beach towels, hair dryers, possibly your favorite pillow, and possibly a folding beach chair if you plan to attending any events downtown.  If you are sensitive to scented laundry detergent you will want to bring your own detergent to use during your stay.  




  • My condo's WIFI isn't working.

      If your condo's WIFI connection isn't providing an Internet connection, but you are connected, the Charter Internet Modem and Wireless WIFI Router (they are next to each other in your condo) may need to be reset by simply unplugging each from the wall or device and waiting 5 seconds before plugging both back in.  This will "reboot" your internet service and in 99% of the time restore your Internet Service.  If this doesn't solve the problem a service call may be scheduled with Charter Communications but we cannot guarantee the timeliness of their response.


  • My condo's clothes washer door is broken and won't close.      

     All the condos at Peninsula Bay have the same washer/dryer units.  They are made by Frigidaire and really work great.  We have had very few problems with them.  They do though "ALL" suffer from washer door "misalignment."  You "WILL" have to gently "lift as you close" to get the door to close property.  This isn't adjustable and it isn't broken, it's just what we've come to learn with 30 of these washers in the building.  So again, "gently lift while closing."


  • I lost my key card or my key card doesn't work anymore. 

     Peninsula Bay uses key cards to gain access to the main lobby door, pool side door, 3rd floor common area door, and your individual condo suite.  These keys are expensive and must be programmed by the Association Manager.  This process is time consuming and only possible if the Association Manager is available.   Please don't get them confused with hotel keys that are disposable.  They are not fond of getting wet, but are not magnetic which is a plus. 


  • My condo's bathroom exhaust fans don't work.

     They actually do work, but they draw their air from a fan/motor located in the utility closet and not from the location of the exhaust vent in the ceiling of the bathroom.  Another feature of Peninsula Bay's "high-end" heating and cooling system. 


  • My condo's refridgerator isn't cooling. 

     This could be a couple of things...

  1. During summer turnovers each Saturday, we dump any remaining ice from the lower drawer ice-maker bin and turn the unit "OFF."  This allows for it to warm slightly before housekeeping go to clean it.  Wiping down a freezer drawer with a damp cloth results in a frozen cloth stuck to the drawer!  So the fridge may be cooling back down when you arrive and you will not have any ice initially.  They take a couple of hours to get on their way to cooling and can take several to make new ice. 

  2. Another issue you may experience is one of the two lower refrigerator drawers will not closing all the way.  This happens when the sealing gasket below the drawers gets pulled out.  It just happens from time to time.  If this is the case you can simply reach underneath and press it back into its grove and then the drawers will close completely and your done.  Just a handy "know-how" in case you experience it. 

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